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Why use the online client intake service?

The online client intake process makes life easier for everybody! The client intake questionnaire asks the same kinds of questions that we ask at a traditional first meeting. By answering online, clients don’t need to leave the comfort of their own homes, or to travel into the city. The intake can be done from anywhere in the world. The intake is available after hours and facilitates us providing legal advice in a way that fits in with busy families and busy professionals who might not necessarily be able to attend our office during traditional office hours. For estate planning clients, it means only one trip into the office to sign off on your will. For estate administration client’s it may mean your probate or letters of administration application is ready to be signed on the day of our first meeting! Alternatively, for litigation client’s, a three-hour consult might be condensed into an hour of focusing on the solution rather than the facts… the process is fast and intuitive and keeps everyone on track. The questions help us to get the right kind of information from our clients. This saves our client’s time and allows us to focus our energies on providing better researched and drafted advice and faster service to our client base as a whole.

“Going through the Estate Disputes intake platform offered by Gregson and Associates was very informative and useful. It was a huge help for me – I was going to put all my information and questions into an email, but this platform made that job much easier. The firm were able to have to hand and review relevant documents I provided via the Settify platform ahead of our appointment, which made getting the ball rolling quickly and efficiently easier and less stressful. It also helped in getting me started on Probate matters too. Would highly recommend using the platform to anyone who is seeking great value, efficiency and overall to be more prepared and informed before their initial appointment”. Client de-identified, 18-02-2022.