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Resealing grants and international estates

An overview of the situation:

We have many clients whose family members die leaving substantial assets interstate or overseas. In some situations, the interstate or international assets require a court order issued in the state of Western Australia (such as a grant of probate or a grant of letters of administration) to be recognised in that foreign jurisdiction. That process is commonly known as resealing.

On the contrary, we often get clients who have already obtained a grant of representation in a foreign jurisdiction which is required to be resealed in Western Australia to deal with Western Australian assets. Whilst resealing interstate grants in Australia or resealing grants from Commonwealth countries is theoretically straightforward, in practice it can be a bureaucratic nightmare. When attempting to reseal a foreign grant in a non-Commonwealth country (or to reseal a non-Commonwealth foreign grant in Western Australia) the procedure is complex. Applications for resealing non-Commonwealth grants will often require affidavits of law from a practising Western Australian lawyer or may require a law practice in the foreign jurisdiction to make an originating application as an attorney for the client. in addition, the court documents may require specialist translation services. If you have an estate that has international interstate implications please do not hesitate in contacting our office for a free initial consultation.

Fixed & Deferred Fees

Most people can’t afford big legal bills. You shouldn’t be worried about money when a loved one dies. In most estates we manage, fees are taken entirely from the estate once the assets become available.

The other unique approach or firm takes towards billing is that it does not provide time charged services. We only provide fixed fee quotes which never change. This avoids cost blow outs and over servicing which regrettably does occur within the legal profession.

Instant Engagement

The purpose of the meeting is to assist families to navigate the minefield of bureaucracy. If nothing more, we hope to help families understand the processes of winding up an estate from start to finish so that they are at least off on the right track.

We can assist our clients to send identification, approve quotes and cost agreements all at the press of a button. Secondly, our firm has developed long standing relationships with other professionals including but not limited to accountants, realtors, valuers, auctioneers and conveyancers.

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