Agency & Consulting Work

Agency & Consulting Work

Our firm operates from Western Australia and our staff are all resident in this jurisdiction. We are frequently asked by other law practices to:

Appear in contested matters in the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

Take on grants of administration or trusteeships in cases where:

  • None of the eligible applicants is resident in the State of Western Australia.
  • All eligible applicants live overseas.
  • The only people eligible to take a grant of representation have a disability preventing them from taking on the appointment.
  • One or more of the eligible applicants not have attained the age of majority.

By taking on these personal appointments the estate is not put to additional costs and complexity. In most cases we are able to avoid having to provide surety guarantees, administration bonds or trust deeds under s17A of the Administration Act 1903 (WA).

We are often asked by law firms to make applications to re-seal foreign grants of probate or letters of administration in the state of Western Australia.

If you would like assistance in dealing with the jurisdictional nuances of Western Australia please do not hesitate to contact our office for the purposes of conferral.

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