Sometimes, clients wish to gift a portion or the whole of their residuary estate to a charity as an opportunity to continue charitable giving after their death or even to honour the memory of a loved one. Charitable trusts are ‘public trusts’ established for the purpose of the public benefit,[1] which are an exception to the ‘certainty of object’ principle that otherwise applies to express trusts.[2]  A charitable trust can be established within your Will to distribute funds after your death on an ongoing basis, rather than as a lump-sum payment. This means that your gift can be preserved for several years after your death.

There is a deliberate absence of a definition of ‘charitable’ at law, meaning that charitable purposes must be determined on a case-by-case basis. However, statute and common law has recognised that a trust can be for a charitable purpose if it can be categorised for the advancement of health, education, religion, culture or social or public welfare, the promotion or protection of human rights, and any other purposes beneficial to the public.[3] Further, the decision in Aid / Watch Inc v Commissioner of Taxation[4] challenged the aforementioned traditional recognised charitable purposes and established that political purposes (i.e. charitable advocacy) may also be upheld as for a charitable purpose.

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