Moneyme for fixed fee legal services – The biggest announcement for 2021

Moneyme for fixed fee legal services – The biggest announcement for 2021

This is the last big announcement for the year (if not the biggest announcement for the year)!

Gregson & Associates have secured a relationship with Moneyme as a merchant payment provider. We are one of the first (if not the very first) law firms in Australia to partner with Moneyme to offer interest-free buy now pay later options. This is absolutely massive news! The ‘pay via Moneyme option,’ will be integrated into our online payment portal meaning that clients are able to apply to Moneyme to finance their fixed-fee legal services within minutes. The payments are interest-free with small instalments paid directly to Moneyme. We pay the merchant fees!

This option allows for comprehensive estate planning packages to be affordable to the general public. It is often the case when a loved one dies that there are a number of bills to pay on their behalf (for example car registration, real estate insurance, probate filing fees and the like). The Moneyme payment option gives families a little breathing space, empowering us to have funds available to meet these costs and expenses, whilst we call in the assets of the estate. The assets of the estate are later used (once the banks etc get around to releasing the funds, or once estate property sells) to reimburse the payment of testamentary expenses paid by our clients.

To find out more information about our payment options please visit www.gregsonandassociates/fee-structures

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