What is an enduring power of guardianship?

What is an enduring power of guardianship?

An EPOG is a document similar in characteristics to an EPOA. The purpose of an EPOG document is to appoint a person to make healthcare and lifestyle decisions on behalf of the Donor. Without an EPOG the following hierarchy of decision making applies:


Powers of guardianship are used to alter a family member’s priority in the decision making process. They do so by taking members of a particular category, or class, and giving them higher priority than someone of another category. It is common for couples to appoint one or two children as guardians and thereby avoid several children having to make decisions. An EPOG is invaluable where children do not get along with one another, where they reside interstate or overseas. EPOGs are commonly used where “non-immediate family” are given priority over “immediate family.”

An EPOG only comes into force on the incapacity of the Donor. You may appoint as many Guardians as you want but this is not recommended. You may choose to appoint “substitute,” or back up guardians.

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